D & D’s Witchlight campaign has spooky spider raising money for charity



Do it halfway Nature beyond the light of the witches, the latest campaign book for Dungeons & Dragons, and you’ll find something unusual. It’s a sweet scene featuring a giant spider sitting under a dew-speckled web, but it’s a work of art that doesn’t really help the book’s narrative. Instead, the reader is invited to go to an online store and purchase another book entirely. It’s called Areas of pleasure, and it’s a 24-page supplement on how to make a frame for your own home game.

So why is this little piece not included in Witch? I caught up with Chief Designer Christopher Perkins to find out more.

“When we were working on the Areas of pleasure portion [of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight] we weren’t necessarily sure where he was going to end up eventually, ”Perkins said. “It could have been in the book. It could have been a separate thing. Part of it was based on how the adventure unfolded. “

Ultimately, Perkins said he called for the split Areas of pleasure to be its own product. In it, players are guided through the process of creating their own region in the Feywild, and a unique Archfey to be its lord. This is a very similar process to the system used in Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, which featured a section called Domains of Dread.

“In the end, it was pretty much my call to keep it separate from the rest of the adventure,” Perkins said, “just because such a big part of the adventure has nothing to do with it. with the story of Nature beyond the light of the witches sounded a little strange.

In addition to 24 pages of fresh instructions on how to create your own world, Areas of pleasure also contains all documents found in Nature beyond the light of the witches. This includes various maps for keeping track of its many non-player characters, and a special worksheet for tracking the campaign as a whole. So if you have a home printer, this is actually a handy little way to get copies of everything you need without visiting the copy store. All proceeds from the sale of the accessory will benefit Extra life, a games-based charity that funds children’s hospitals in the United States and Canada.

Areas of pleasure is available on Dungeon Master’s Guild, a site built by Wizards of the Coast in partnership with One Bookshelf, the same company that manages DriveThruRPG. Traditionally, this has been a place for fans to post their own community-generated content, and for Wizards and its other partners to host content for company-sanctioned organized play. Perkins says this is the first time that a physical book has directed readers there specifically for additional material.

This is not the first time that Wizards have made what would otherwise be content found in one of their books available at the Dungeon Master’s Guild. In 2017, he also sold The Turtle package, another accessory whose sales benefited Extra Life. This is the only place where you can currently find the player turtle race, basically a humanoid turtle.

Tortles will become available in a print book from 2022 when Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse is on sale. This book, revealed this weekend on Youtube, will be part of a Three-volume “Rules Extension Box” then later as a standalone product. Wizards say Monsters of the Multiverse include over 250 monster stat blocks and 30 playable races, and include content from The Turtle package, The Volo Monster Guide, and Tome of Mordenkainen’s Enemies.

So, are there any other online-only offerings in the works for D&D?

“I can’t talk about future projects of course,” Perkins said with a laugh. “All I can say is maybe. I kinda hope that Nature beyond the light of the witches makes the Feywild as accessible and fun to explore as Ravenloft and Shadowfell have traditionally been. […] We will see how people react to this adventure. And we’ll see how people react to Areas of pleasure, then we will respond accordingly.

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