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Crisp also reveals the cast, October 26 premiere for High Guardian Spices

Crisp revealed the cast and October 26 premiere of Raye Rodriguez High Guardian SpicesCrisp “Originals” animation project at the New York Comic Con event on Sunday. Crisp also revealed a new trailer:

The cast includes:

  • Briana Leon as Rosemary, the enthusiastic adventurer who wants to become a babysitter
  • Lauren White as Sage, Rosemary’s best friend and witch specializing in ancient magic
  • Amber Romero as Parsley, an optimistic dwarf and expert blacksmith
  • Michelle Deco like Thyme, an independent elf and a gifted archer
  • AJ Beckles as Mandrake, a mighty witch and shapeshifter
  • Anthony Brandon Walker as Professor Hakone, a Guardian and Professor of Combat Tactics
  • Barbara goodson as Parnelle, the youngest student of the High Guardian Academy
  • Cam Clarke like Neppy Cat, a cat that hangs out near the High Guardian Academy with a secret ability
  • Julia kaye like Snapdragon, Amaryllis’ sarcastic best friend who doesn’t really feel out of place
  • Julian Koster as Slime Boy, a sophomore witch, musician and monster lover
  • Katie McVay as Amaryllis, a licensed witch and school bully
  • Liisa lee as Lavender, Rosemary’s mother and a renowned and powerful Guardian who passed away four years ago
  • Raye Rodriguez as Professor Caraway, a powerful Guardian and teacher of sacred alphabets at the High Guardian Academy

Crisp had announced High Guardian Spices in 2018 as the first “Crisp Originals, ”and the show was originally scheduled to premiere in 2019. Rodriguez announcement in November 2019 that the show had finished production.

All 12 episodes of the series will be available on October 26.

Crisp also announced the 2022 premiere of its Freak angelsCrisp Animated series “Originals”. The company released a trailer for the project.

Crisp announced the project in February 2020. The series is based on graphic novels by Warren ellis and Paul Duffield.

Crisp also announced that its mascot Hime will appear in its social cooperative fantasy mobile RPG Mitrasphere for iOS and Android devices in a limited-time crossover event. The company describes the event in the game:

Crisp-Hime and Yuzu find themselves transported to the world of “Mitrasphere”. Landing in the center of the town of Edol, the prominent town of the (human) plains dwellers, they come up against the daring sky pirates in the midst of their plot. Determined, Hime and Yuzu join forces with Matilda, Hildegard, and other familiar faces as they work to uncover and thwart the sky pirates’ plans to wreak havoc in the town of Edol.

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