Comics: King Conan Chronicles: Ghosts and Phoenixes | New


A few weeks after releasing the collected issues of its recent “King Conan” miniseries, Marvel began publishing massive collections of its older “King Conan” comics from the 1980s as well as newer “King Conan” tales initially. published by Dark Horse. Comics.

These books have been out of print for decades and years respectively.

“King Conan Chronicles: Phantoms and Phoenixes” is 445 pages of these last stories.

The collection includes several writers and artists. Original material and adaptations of stories by Robert E. Howard, who wrote Conan short stories for pulp magazines nearly 100 years ago.

Adaptations include “The Scarlet Citadel” and “The Phoenix on the Sword”. Both of these Howard stories were also adapted decades ago by Marvel Comics’ “Savage Sword of Conan.” But they are different adaptations of the same stories and are well worth a visit for long-time Conan fans as well as newcomers.

These Conan tales are more like the attitude shown in the recent “King Conan” miniseries. As an adventurer, Conan always wanted a crown, but now that he’s won it, he misses the freedom of his youth.

Dark Horse has published other King Conan tales, so a second “King Conan Chronicles” collection is possible. Given the sudden push to distribute these royal barbaric tales, it’s possible they’ll be available sooner rather than later.


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