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GALLIPOLIS, Ohio – The Gallia County Historical Society (GCHS) owns a number of out of print books which have been reprinted and are now available to the public.

Cheryl Enyart, executive director of the Gallia County Historical Society, said the society has reprinted hard-to-find books.

“The only way to find them is through eBay or an auction or someone advertises them,” she said.

The first book that GCHS reprinted was “The One-Room School House: The Cradle Years” which was first published in 1993.

“This was written by three former teachers,” Enyart said, explaining that it was Pauline Rife, Estivaun Matthews and Charles Murray.

The original book was hardcover, but the reprint is a spiral-bound copy. This is a very well researched book on one-class schoolrooms in County Gallia, Enyart said.

“It took them five years to make this book. That’s how thorough they were, ”Enyart said. “It’s beautiful. The photos are all superb.

The second reprinted book is “Gallia County, Ohio: People in History to 1980, first edition”.

“It’s been sold for a long time,” Enyart said. “People have asked me, ‘why don’t you reprint this? “So we did it …”

Enyart said this book is a collection of contributions from people in County Gallia and has a lot of history – the book is one that Enyart says she uses often.

“It’s a good read. I almost read it twice, cover to cover, ”said Enyart. “It’s a very good tool for genealogists. I have three books, when someone tells me he wants me to look for his family … The second [book] is the 1980 family book.

This book is also spiral bound. Both books can be purchased at the GCHS office on Second Avenue in Gallipolis, Ohio. If anyone wants them shipped, they can contact Enyart for more information.

“I have a fair amount of them and they make wonderful Christmas gifts,” Enyart said.

In other GCHS news, the company recently received a large sum of photo negatives from the late photographer, Max Tawney. Tawney photographed events, portraits and more in County Gallia from 1933 until his death in 2003.

“I have 20 13 gallon bins full of photo boxes,” Enyart said. “It’s quite a collection because Max Tawney didn’t just have his studio and do private parties like parties, birthdays, that sort of thing, he was the school photographer.”

Enyart is the only person currently organizing the photos and doesn’t know how long it will take to sort and organize.

“We have school photos, we have class photos… team photos from across the region. I have a box of soldiers – Marines, Navy Coast Guard, photos of the men or the men and their women he took, ”Enyart said. “I just found out about this and would like to eventually do an inventory or a database.”

Enyart said she welcomes anyone who wants to come and volunteer to help organize photos or anything else that may be needed. It also welcomes high school students who may require hours of community service.

While Enyart said she can turn the negatives into photographs and teach all volunteers how to do the same, she hopes she can eventually purchase a negative viewer to make it easier to view the negatives.

If anyone wants to join GCHS, the membership is $ 15 per year per family or $ 200 for a lifetime membership. Information and applications can be found at the GCHS office.

Enyart said memberships help support the company and keep it running. Members also receive newsletters.

“We have a lot to offer,” said Enyart. “If you walk through the door, we have over 1,000 binders with family history… I have binders with stuff on Gallipolis history and the people of Gallipolis and high schools and we have yearbooks; we have wills, we have marriage certificates. We have marriage certificates from the Navy hospital. We have just what you want, I’ll help you find it.

GCHS used the University of Rio Grande printing house for the reprints.

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The Gallia County Historical Society, located on Second Avenue, Gallipolis, Ohio, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the history of Gallia County.

The Gallia County Historical Society (GCHS) owns a number of out of print books which have been reprinted and are now available to the public.

Reprints Now Available

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