Check it out: cake molds and other unexpected loans from the library


By Jessica Hermiller
Director of Bluffton Public Library

September marks a special month in libraries – it’s the National Library’s pay-per-view month.

Anyone can benefit from a library card and registration is simple. Adults, go to the library and bring photo ID and proof of address. Anyone under the age of 18, bring a parent/guardian and make sure they have their photo ID and proof of address.

When you have a library card, you can view our extensive collection of materials! We offer books (of course) but many other things, such as:

Audio books (books on CD, MP3 or digital player)

BluRays and DVDs

Comics and graphic novels

Magazines and newspapers


Having a library card also opens up possibilities outside of the library. You can use your card at home or on the go and enjoy a variety of databases, access to the Ohio Digital Library (eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, and comics), and services such as language applications. Still can not find what you are looking for ? We can borrow the article from another library.

Each library has its own collection of materials, but it may also have its own collection of unique items, some of which may be requested and some of which may be reserved for local members (depending on whether they are safe to ship). Cake pans, Ellison cutouts, book club kits and video games are common requests.

When you search the library catalog, if you use the term [realia] in the search bar you will see a variety of options – you can also use a search term for a specific item, such as cake pans, games consoles or kits. A few libraries have collections of toys and games for their local patrons, some have educational kits for classrooms and one even has a light therapy lamp! Our library has a special collection of video games, big books, one-off comic book issues, early learning kits, and Ellison cutouts.

Be sure to drop by the library in September (or any other month) and sign up for a library card. By using our library services, you are helping our community grow, learn and create – we hope to see you soon.


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