Café de Sophia – A literary fiction written by MA Alsadah is available for sale on Amazon


A book that delves into the philosophies of life. A literary fiction that has generated a lot of interest and appreciation in a short time.

Presentation of Café de Sophia, a literary fiction by MA Alsadah. It is best described as an invigorating philosophical discourse that encourages the reader to contemplate. The book, written in English, is available for sale on Amazon in paperback and e-book format.

The book is about Nate, a 16-year-old boy who meets a man who engages him in intellectual conversation. Fascinated by discussion, Nate befriends the man with his fellow philosophers in order to better understand his purpose and direction in life.

Each encounter with the philosophers explores a different topic that shapes the stepping stones of Nate’s journey. This philosophical journey to the beauty of speech, logic, and wisdom is told like a Socratic dialogue through Nate’s perspective.

The book has already been reviewed by experts. Reader’s Favorite reviewer Diana Lopez writes –

“Le Café de Sophia is not only about the search for knowledge. The characters try to figure out why all the topics they think about are significant. I enjoyed the different opinions and belief systems involved as readers can draw their own conclusions. The perspective is that of an adolescent open to accepting a diversity of ideas. The arguments are analyzed with examples, and the explanations are easy to understand. The topics covered are varied and entertaining, and come from the most common notions explored in philosophy. MA Alsadah shares the message that it is possible to be a philosopher on a daily basis. I consider this book suitable for young adults because the content is an excellent introduction to philosophical thought.

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About MA Alsadah

MA Alsadah is a talented writer, passionate about writing stories and deeply interested in philosophy. He has already published a high fantasy novel called “The Seal: The Five Metals” in which he invented two languages. Alsadah enjoys reading non-fiction books on all kinds of subjects, especially philosophical and sacred works from antiquity in which Hermes Trismegistus is his favorite author. When he’s not reading, he’s probably playing a grand, adventure story video game.

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