Book tasting helps Inman students find new favorites


A little book tasting helped students at Inman Elementary School find their new favorite readings.

The Book Tasting was a collaboration between grade 5 teachers and media center staff to give students time to “sample” books of different genres. There were 12 genres identified on the tables: Humor, mystery, science fiction / fantasy, historical fiction, realistic fiction, picture books, traditional literature (fairy tales, folklore, fables), adventure, serial books, informational , poetry, and (autobiography.

The students used a booklet with guided questions that helped them focus and rate a book that appealed to them in the genre depicted on the table. They visited five sections and even used their mapping skills while navigating from table to table.

The activity was designed to get students away from reading the same series over and over again.

“While we believe that all reading is good read, there are so many books that will grow their minds and improve their understanding of their world,” said Tracy Larson, Inman Media Specialist. “The objective of the book tasting was to make students aware of the different types of books available and what these books are. “

The event was a hit with the children.

“The students really enjoyed the book tasting. After each session, several students asked to take some of the books they had previewed, ”Larson said. “Many students expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to read books that they might not have seen before.”

A book tasting activity at Inman Elementary exposed 5th grade students to possible new favorite books in a variety of genres.


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