‘Better days ahead’: People forced into Christmas isolation remain optimistic | Coronavirus


When 16-year-old Isaac tested positive for the coronavirus a few days ago, he decided to self-isolate alone in his room. He wanted to make sure he was doing everything he could not to pass the virus on to his family and to make sure they could have some normalcy this Christmas.

After his mother, Debs, posted what he was doing on Twitter, she was inundated with messages of love to pass on to him. She plans to print them all out and post them on the wall in front of her bedroom so he can see them on Christmas Day.

“It’s an amazing thing he just said ‘no I’m going to stay away’, and I said ‘if you’re having a hard time, come in and we’ll take care of it.’ He says that s ‘he can, he will try to keep it away from us,’ she said.

It wasn’t a difficult choice for Isaac, who has autism and lives with his mother and three siblings in Ayrshire. “In his mind he’s doing what he needs to do to keep us all safe,” Debs said.

Isaac is far from alone. More than 600,000 people will be forced to self-isolate across the UK on Christmas Day after a record 119,789 tested positive, the highest daily figure since the start of the pandemic.

For Mark, 44, a Church of England priest based in Manchester, the run-up to Christmas is an exceptionally busy time of year. He normally runs church services and midnight mass, but since testing positive a few days ago, he has been forced to self-isolate in his room.


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