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Easy like Sunday morning

11 July – Happy Atlanta Senior Life Sunday.

The men’s championship final at the All England Club (aka Wimbledon) takes place today. 9am on ESPN (later 3pm on ABC) if you want to watch. You can also read our previous story on the Atlanta senior tennis scene.

Or maybe you just want to sit back and dive into some other summer reading. Today’s newsletter focuses on books, including the opening of a new bookstore in one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods and a unique Buckhead Bookstore that’s also a charming wine bar.

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Author Toni Whitaker

1. Find their writing materials

Earlier this year, we met three Atlanta seniors who are juggling life and chasing their dreams of being successful authors.

Read about Lynn Cullen, Tori Whitaker, and Paul Bolster in this story.

Brandon P. Fleming

2. The remarkable journey of Brandon Fleming

Brandon P. Fleming is an Atlanta-based educator with a long list of impressive accomplishments. He came to Atlanta after being recruited to teach at the world-famous Ron Clark Academy. Fleming later became the Assistant Debate Coach at Harvard University and founded the nationally acclaimed Harvard Diversity Project within the Harvard Debate Council.

In his new book, Poorly educated: a dissertation, Fleming recounts his heartbreaking life journey, including growing up in an abusive environment and attempting suicide.

After overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles, he found the strength to achieve higher goals, which led him to Harvard where he helped countless teens and young adults overcome similar challenges.

“Trailblazers don’t wait for opportunities, they create them,” Fleming told CBS News.

It’s a lesson Fleming teaches his students, and a common thread throughout poorly educated. Dr Cornell West wrote the foreword.

The book is available now and has received high praise from Kirkus Reviews.

Jordan Smelt and Katie Barringer at Lucian Books & Wine (Photo: Christy Bush)

3. Fancy Bordeaux with your books?

Katie Barringer’s cover books were a destination on the Westside where they actually judged a book by, well, you know.

Now, she has teamed up with Jordan Smelt, the former wine manager of the legendary Cakes & Ale, to open Lucian Books & Wine in Buckhead at Peachtree & Pharr.

Barringer and Smelt told us about what they had in mind for the space, which features Cakes & Ale alumnus Brian Hendrickson in the kitchen, serving everything from “raised bar snacks to dinner entrees.” large compounds, ”according to Smelt.

Barringer will line the walls with “non-fiction books with a strong emphasis on art, architecture, design and photography” and Smelt expects the wine program to complement its eclectic book selection by offering “a few familiar names… but also a lot of small production wines that are absolutely fabulous.

Read the entire interview.

Sandy Huff at Virginia Highland Books

4. A new bookstore opens in Virginia Highland

The last few weeks have seen the opening of Virginia Highland Books at 1034 North Highland Ave., a short walk from Perc Coffee.

The two-story space formerly occupied by Empire South is filled with new titles – children’s books, fiction and non-fiction for young and adult readers.

Store owner Sandy Huff says her vision for the store is to encourage the community to help keep the books they sell. “I want to get as much feedback as possible from the neighborhood on what they’re reading and giving reviews,” Huff said.

In addition to the prints lining the shelves, Huff says she also plans to sell local art and vinyl records. She has created a space downstairs for gatherings, author appearances and dedications, book clubs, etc., which she will start reserving in August.

5. Summary of summer readings

Looking for other summer readings?

Jacob Nguyen provides an overview of recent books examining everything from Stankonia and Outkast’s role in promoting hip-hop culture right up to Stacey Abrams legal thriller – yes that Stacey Abrams – While justice sleeps.

Our recap of six titles by female authors takes a look at some serious legacies from the South to Downtown Atlanta.

Meanwhile, if you want some musical readings, check out Jerry Grillo (a bit fictional) The Music and Mythocracy of Colonel Bruce Hampton (above).

On that note, the book by Hampton Grease Band guitar virtuoso Glenn PhillipsEchoes: The Hampton Grease Band, my life, my music and how I stopped having panic attacks is a timeless and fascinating look at the psychology of group life and makes sense of what comes next.

Let’s not forget Kai Bird’s crucial reassessment of Jimmy Carter’s presidential legacy, The outlier.

Grace Elizabeth Hale Cool Town: How Athens, Georgia Pioneered Alternative Music and Changed American Culture is at the top of my summer reading list. The title says it all.

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