Arizona and Dallas kids help create hundreds of ‘mourning kits’ for Uvalde District students


Uvalde students coping with the tragedy at Robb Elementary School are receiving support miles away, including two children who are helping to put together bereavement kits for the community.

Anaik Sachdev, 10, and his mother, Anjleen, started an Arizona-based nonprofit called Loving Library, a donor book program for communities in need.

Anaik thought of the idea when his grandmother was hospitalized with COVID-19, and reading became a way for his family to overcome isolation.

“I used to visit my grandmother so much, and now she’s in the hospital, so it was difficult,” Anaik said. “I thought she could read books to pass the time, and she did.”

When the mass shooting at Robb Elementary happened, the nonprofit contacted its Dallas chapter to create the kits for children in the Uvalde School District.

Anaik’s 13-year-old friend, Sia Sankaran, lives in North Texas and is the chapter’s ambassador. The children decided to collect up to 800 kits for the children of Uvalde.

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“It kind of brings together a lot of passionate readers and brings together the passion to help the community,” Sia said.

They began their campaign in mid-June and, in coordination with the San Antonio Area Foundation and the Education Service Center Region 20, have raised hundreds of books, coloring books and journals to be donated to Uvalde on Thursday.

“There is an activity book, a journal in each grief kit, and we hope this will help them escape loneliness and sadness,” Anaik said.

“The journal so they can write down their feelings or a coloring book because some kids might not want to keep a journal. That’s what we hope will help,” Sia said.

Both children said they were heartbroken by what happened in Uvalde and hope it brings some comfort.

“It could have been me there or someone I knew or liked, and I just wanted to help them,” Sia said.

“Since that day, I have felt so sad for them and their brothers and sisters who are so brave,” Anaik said. “All the sadness that happened doesn’t go away completely. I want to help because they were my age, and they’re kids helping kids.

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The non-profit organization will still accept donations after it has been delivered to Uvalde. For more information, Click here.

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