Animation Masters Summit 2022 Reveals Legendary Prizes


Animation Masters Summit (AMS) is an annual event sponsored by Toonz Media Group that celebrates the art of animation. The summit brings together experts from the global animation industry to interact with budding young talents. The event also provides a platform for masters to offer inspiration and insight into what it takes to create, connect and generate engaging content in this invigorating new era of entertainment. This year’s event will be held virtually from May 23 to 27 via the Zoom platform with the theme “Creativity for Good”.

Every year, AMS honors people for their contributions to the animation industry in India. This year’s winners are renowned Indian artist, writer and activist Aabid Surti, and Biren Ghose, director of Technicolor Creative Studios India.

Aabid Surti – Indian Animation Legend Award:

With a career spanning over six decades, Surti’s contributions include popularizing cartoons and graphic novels in several Indian languages. He is the creator of several memorable characters such as Dhabbuji, Inspector Azad, Doctor Chinchu and the popular comic superhero Indrajal Bahadur.

A prolific author, he received the National Prize in 1993 for his short story series entitled “Teesri Aankh”. He is an acclaimed painter, having attended one of India’s oldest art institutions, the JJ School of Art in Mumbai.

In recent years, Surti has become a water conservation activist by establishing the Drop Dead Foundation, which was started as an initiative to provide free plumbing service to residents of Mumba suburb.

Biren Ghose – Special Contribution to Indian Animation Industry Award:

India Country Head, Technicolor Creative Studios, Ghose is a prominent figure in the Indian Animation Visual Effects, Games and Comics (AVGC) community. As an industry leader, he has made significant contributions to the growth and development of the AVGC industry. He has held several important positions in governmental and quasi-governmental agencies, institutions and commercial organizations.

Both awards will be presented during the inaugural session of the Animation Masters Summit on May 23.

The five-day Animation Masters Summit will feature sessions moderated by industry leaders from various fields of media and entertainment around the world. The keynote address will be delivered by Country Director and Vice President of Google India, Sanjay Gupta, during the inaugural session.

The master sessions will include:

  • Belgian director-producer Paul Demeyer whose credits include Mission Force One, The Rocket and the Rugrats series and film.
  • Emmy-winning composer Wendell Hanes, known for overseeing the music for the Netflix sitcom Family meeting.
  • Ravishankar Venkateswaran, creator of the first Sanskrit animated feature film punyakoti.
  • Sukesh Nayak, Creative Director of Ogilvy India
  • Arjun Reddy, co-founder and CTO of India’s largest NFT ecosystem, GuardianLink.

The Summit will host two panel discussions – one centered on the Summit theme, “Creativity for Good. The second panel will focus on creating joy for children through animation.

“Animation Masters Summit is Toonz’s flagship annual event where we provide a platform for young artists and students to interact with veterans in the field of art and entertainment,” commented P. Jayakumar, CEO of Toonz. MediaGroup. “The AMS Awards were established to honor legends in the arts. Mr. Aabid Surti is a true legend in this respect, having made his mark in multiple artistic currents, from painting to cartooning, through writing. After a distinguished career spanning more than 60 years, he continues to work tirelessly, now focusing more on social and environmental issues. He is an inspiration not only for artists, but for everyone. It is a privilege for us to present this year’s Legend Award to Mr. Surti.

He added, “Mr. Biren Ghose, who receives the Special Contribution Award, has contributed to building the AVGC ecosystem in India through his visionary leadership. As a mentor and spokesperson for the industry, he has also played an important role in fostering a strong and cohesive animation and visual effects community in India.

Registration is free – for more information visit the event website.

Source: Toonz Media Group

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