A demonic pig hunt begins in SWINE from humanoids [Exclusive Preview]


Screen Rant is excited to present an exclusive preview of SWINE – a first graphic novel by Tyrone Finch. It’s a vendetta against the demon pigs.

Attention: contains an exclusive preview for PORK!

Screen Rant is delighted to present an exclusive preview for PORK, a new graphic novel by Humanoids. Professionals in the comic book industry are already giving rave reviews to this dark, comedic story. It’s coming next week, just in time for an early fall creep factor to set in.

Humanoids has published comics and graphic novels which are received very positively, including the recent Lugosi and Space bastards. Now the company is releasing a new supernatural horror story from a TV industry writer.

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Tyrone Finch is a writer and producer for ABC’s Station 19, and now he’s written PORK. He is supported on the project by the artist Alain Mauricet. Mauricet is a Belgian comic book creator who provided illustrations for Star Wars Adventures little funny stories. This graphic novel, to come in early October, mixes black comedy and religious themes. Finch says this story is about “A man who served time for killing his beloved wife teams up with his sister-in-law to hunt down the demonic beings who were really responsible for the murder.” Pigs, evil pigs. Determined pigs rule the planet and then take back the skies. It is also a love story. Seriously! I wouldn’t joke about something like that. Check out the exclusive preview here:

This preview shows part of the story of Ellis Rafferty’s revenge. He spent seven years in prison – wrongly convicted of murdering Becky, his wife. Her sister-in-law, Zoey, is also included in the preview. This graphic novel is a road trip story with a major target in Ellis’ mind: pigs. Immortal demons were cast into the bodies of pigs, making it the Legion. For those unfamiliar with Bible stories, the gospel of Mark includes one in which Jesus faces a man who is possessed and must be exorcised. Man is part of a larger group of demons called “Legion”. Jesus agrees to turn them into pigs, but in doing so, the herd drowns in the sea. They fear being thrown into an abyss and choose to end their own life. In this Humanoids graphic novel, it looks like these demon pigs haven’t actually come to an end.

Several creators have provided positive reviews for this new story, including Mark Waid, Gail Simone, Jimmie Robinson, Stuart Moore, Gerry Duggan and Tom Peyer. Mark Waid said: “I was in love with Ty’s script from the first page. It’s dark and funny at the same time, it’s unsettling and it’s weird – all the hallmarks of a good Humanoids graphic novel. And Mauricet shines, his art full of details and full of humanity. ” Gail Simone echoes her praise: “On page twenty, it was already one of the best graphic novels I had read in years. In the end, it was one of my favorites. times. For god’s sake, just buy it. “

Jimmie Robinson, author and illustrator of Bomb queens (also known for his work on Wolverine) says, “Pork delivers a punch on every page. A supernatural road trip beyond Farm animal rush headlong into the horror of The island of Dr Moreau. It is unlike anything you have ever read. This highly regarded graphic novel promises to be twisted, entertaining and confusing. Comic book fans can check out Humanoids’ new story based on biblical exorcisms, PORK, when released on October 5, 2021.

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