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The Incredible Hulk is one of Marvel’s most popular characters, as well as one of the most intriguing. He is a scientist who has become a monster and must fight his inner demons and a society that is against all he stands for, which makes him a tragic and beloved hero to many comic book readers.

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However, while the Hulk has been a Marvel staple for decades, there are still people who don’t seem to agree on what makes him great. Reddit is a great place to debate geek issues, and there are a lot of people out there with unpopular opinions about The Hulk, as well as those who like to discuss it.

9 Thor could defeat the Hulk

Hulk hits Thor through a wall.

When considering fantasy battles, it’s fun to predict who might beat whom when major heroes go head-to-head. Marvel has done this many times in Contest of champions, Secret wars, and Civil war. However, @spidersting said that during a fight with the Hulk, “Thor could [win] if he did everything against him.

This is not an opinion that many people share as the Hulk has shown time and time again that he can beat Thor. While Thor is perhaps one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes, even stronger than Thanos, the Hulk has no limits to his strength and his regenerative abilities make him nearly impossible to kill.

8 Hulk doesn’t have a notable Rogues gallery

Hulk fights Abomination in the comics.

The Hulk is a monster whose main battle is against himself as he tries to contain his rage and keep himself under control. According to @ dappercat456, the Hulk’s main enemy is himself which is correct, but he says, “Hulk doesn’t have the most notable rogue gallery, she’s there, but they’re usually just monster characters. random to hit or generic scientific evil. “

To say he doesn’t have any notable villains is an unpopular opinion as the Hulk has several great villains in the comics. @ dappercat456 mentioned The Leader and Abomination, but add General Ross, Wendigo, Maestro, Absorbing Man, Zzzax, Agamemnon and The U-Foes, and there are some big bad guys out there. If you add heroes, there is also The Thing and Wolverine.

7 World War Hulk Wasn’t Good

Hulk attacking World War II Hulk heroes.

Critics and Readers Considered Planet Hulk one of the best Hulk stories. Sadly, tragedy struck when Hulk’s wife passed away and he left for Earth to charge the heroes who banished him. According to @timbomber on Reddit, World War Hulk was “not a big story.”

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This was in response to the original poster which felt the bonding issues made her feel bloated. That said, this is an unpopular opinion, as the series introduced World Breaker Hulk, one of the most popular versions of the character, and showed all Hulk fans how powerful he can be, even when he fought the mightiest heroes on earth.

6 Hulk is not a tragic hero

Hulk vs. Devil Hulk at the water's edge.

One of the key elements of the Hulk in Marvel Comics is that he is a tragic hero. He is a scientist who has undergone a transformation into a monster the world fears. However, @DBSdidnothingwrong wrote on Reddit that “Hulk, you start to think he’s a tragic character, but then you learn he’s just a dick.”

This is an unpopular opinion because the Hulk is a tragic figure, who is almost a Frankenstein monster who wants to do good, but people fear and hate him for it. While Banner has issues, it’s not fair to blame him for what happens to the Hulk, especially when people attack him more than he provokes someone else.

5 Hulk would be a mid-level force in DC

Hulk fights Superman in a Marvel DC crossover.

If there’s one thing most Hulk fans agree on, it’s that he’s the strongest hero in Marvel Comics. However, @MisterBastahrd posted that “Hulk might be the strongest in the MU, but he’d be in the middle of DC unless he’s REALLY upset, and he never would’ve lasted long enough against the big hitters for the discover.”

Since the Hulk has the rage effect, where the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. As the Worldbreaker Hulk, he defeated almost all of Marvel’s best heroes and only fell when he finally gave up. While Superman could possibly defeat the Hulk, no one else in DC would really stand a chance when the Hulk gets angry enough.

4 Red Hulk shouldn’t be in the Avengers

Red Hulk spitting fire.

In the pages of The Avengers, Steve Rogers welcomed one of the most powerful versions of the Hulk, Red Hulk, to the team after General Ross regained his sanity. Bruce Banner even helped save his life. @ dappercat456 posted on Reddit that he hated Red Hulk as an Avenger, saying “Personally, I wouldn’t want a hawkish military hole like Ross to be an Avenger.”

It’s an unpopular opinion, because it goes against what the Avengers are. They’ve always been a government-controlled team, have always played host to former villains, and have several military-type heroes in team history. Plus, Captain America is the one who invited him to the team.

3 Hulk shouldn’t be morally ambiguous

Kneeling Hulk as Green Scar.

One of the best things about the Hulk is that he doesn’t want to be bad, but he often has to fight his rage to defeat him. That wasn’t a problem with Joe Fixit, but @Ashy_Lawrence wrote that he was “not a big fan of the ‘morally ambiguous’ nature of Joe Fixit as a character.”

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This turned out to be a very unpopular opinion, as Joe was the clever gray side of Banner’s character, and it ended up being a critically acclaimed Hulk run. Joe Fixit’s return to Immortal hulk was also widely praised, with fans loving seeing him again in the comics.

2 Immortal Hulk ruined by Al Ewing

The Immortal Hulk is fighting for his soul.

Al Ewing Immortal hulk run has been one of the best critically acclaimed story arcs since Peter David worked on the title. However, there are fans like @LETUSTOWATCHSOMETO who wrote, “Short story, it started really well. Very good. Holds up for a while. And then political BLAM all over for 5-7 issues.

Fans debated this hotly in the Reddit thread, mainly because the issues revolved around the Hulk’s fight to protect the planet, especially against companies like Roxxon. It’s the same kind of stories that appear in everything from the X-Men to the Fantastic Four, with heroes trying to save the world. Immortal hulk never missed a beat in his run.

1 Amadeus Cho should have replaced the Hulk

Amadeus Cho becomes Awesome Hulk.

There was a point where the Hulk started to glow too much and Amadeus Cho used his superior intellect to stop him, but ended up becoming the Hulk. According to @ AT-TE-212 on Reddit, he “loved Amadeus Cho as the Hulk. And at this point, I feel like Amadeus will inevitably replace Banner in the MCU.

This turned out to be a very unpopular opinion in the comments. Most Reddit users pointed out that Cho is better as a genius Cho and never needed to be the Hulk, and later Brawn. Cho was always at his best when he was a sidekick of Hercules and Hulk.

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