8 places in Bangalore ideal for street photography


Alleyways lined with eclectic shops, markets filled with colorful flowers and alleyways dotted with old-fashioned pubs – every corner of Bangalore has a story to tell. Capture every one of them by heading to these city street photography locations with your camera.

Bengaluru seamlessly blends old world charm with cosmopolitan sensibilities. During your stay, you could go from sipping coffee in a century-old establishment to clinking flutes of Champagne in a fine-dining establishment within the same hour. This, combined with its bustling shopping destinations and colorful vegetable and flower markets, gives the city a certain character that few other cities can claim. Naturally, photographers, professional or not, like to explore the different nooks and crannies of the region. And if you want to experience all the little stories that Bengaluru has to offer, check out these street photography destinations in the city.

8 places in Bangalore ideal for street photography

KR market

This vast space is considered the largest flower market in Asia. Seemingly built on an old battlefield, you’ll also find a few vegetable and fruit vendors as well as shops with other staples. KR Market is also one of the busiest spots in town, and the chaos is what attracts most photographers. Head here early in the morning (we’re talking 6am) to spot the vendors setting up shop and the early risers heading out for the grocery store. You can also catch the dew on the jasmines and orchids here.

As the day progresses, the calm is replaced by a flurry of action, from haggling to trading goods. While there, expect to be surrounded by cows, carts, rickshaws, vendors, street animals, and people. It’s also easy to get lost here, so be sure to leave plenty of time in your schedule to explore.

Church Street

Popular among the city’s young residents, Church Street is one of the busiest places in the city, especially on weekends. The cobbled streets and narrow pathways are dotted with a host of chic restaurants, Instagram-worthy cafes and pubs, souvenir shops, old-fashioned bookshops, exciting gaming arenas, clothing boutiques , etc. Not to mention, there are several colorful art installations that will have your jaw dropping on the floor. The subway station mural, in particular, is a photographer’s delight.

It’s the place where musicians stage impromptu street performances, activists stage protests and social media influencers film their next viral dance video. Naturally, there are myriad emotions and pockets of activity to capture. If you want to capture the vibe of the space at its most authentic, head here on a weekend when the crowds of people will make you feel like you’re in Times Square. For quieter shooting, weekday afternoons are perfect.

MG Road

Just off Church Street, this place is a bustling spot with newspaper offices, old-fashioned restaurants, and brand name clothing stores. The lane that houses the MG Road underground station is dotted with a host of art installations that make for fascinating captures. However, what attracts most photographers is the busy street that always has a passing vintage car or bicycle. While the afternoon is when the space is busiest, we recommend heading there at night to experience light painting and capture the mood of people returning home after a long day.

Avenue Road

Another busy commercial space in the city, this spot is home to street vendors selling everything from clothes to second-hand books. You will also find several churches, pawnbrokers and street vendors here. Naturally, the crowded sidewalks provide plenty of interesting photo opportunities. There are also iconic landmarks, like the Maramma Temple, Ranganathaswamy Temple and an old post office here.

Like KR Market, it’s easy to spend hours exploring all the backstreets have to offer and when you’ve taken enough faces you can always zip through the busy streets filled with cars and carts. Not to mention, the central location also makes it easy to get to other places on this list in the same day.

pottery town

Slowing things down from the pace of the other locations on this list, Pottery Town is a hidden gem that many photographers in the city often frequent. Although the lane itself can be tricky to find, the vibe is undeniable once you get there. As the name suggests, this place is a colony of city potters, and you can witness the transformation of clay into vases, bowls, and plates during your stay.

Capture the old school magic of the neighborhood as you get up close to artisans and explore all of the area’s narrow lanes. You will also see goats passing in front of you from time to time. Photographers love to capture fresh earthenware, the emotion of artisans and their children as they create something new, and the hues of streets lined with pots and pans. This part of Bangalore is a must visit if you like street photography.

Town of Frazer

From the serenity of Pottery Town, we’re straight back into the action of the city with this place lighting up during Ramzan and Eid. Dotted with food stalls selling biriyani, haleem, kebabs and other delicacies, it’s the perfect place to capture the lives of street food vendors and visuals of smoke billowing from their temporary grills . Head here at the right time and you’ll find yourself surrounded by crowds of people, some satiating their late-night cravings and others cooking dinner after a busy day’s work. The place itself is small and easily explored in a few hours. Head here in the evening if you are in town, especially during Ramzan.


Bangalore’s well-connected local bus network all converges in this area, which is home to the city’s largest bus stations. Naturally, the space is filled with people, each with their unique stories and choice of destinations. In fact, you will find people from all walks of life here, from schoolchildren to tourists.

Built on an ancient lake, the place is perfect for quiet exploration. Capture the colorful buses, ticket agent moods, and signs with bus and ticketing instructions during your stay. There are also a host of movie posters and advertisements pasted on the walls that could make for some intriguing catches.

commercial street

The city’s favorite spot for street shopping, Commercial Street is one of Bangalore’s oldest and busiest shopping districts. In fact, it features on most Bengaluru itineraries, making it a must-see whether you take your camera with you or not. Here, you’ll find narrow alleys with counterfeit clothing brands, quirky souvenirs, fake jewelry, and little holes in the wall that offer better-fitting jeans than most big name brands.

There is also a series of street food vendors offering coconut water, sweet potato chaat, and more. At every turn, you’ll find yourself discovering a street dedicated to a specific set of products. Some are known for offering electronics and quirky light bulbs for your home, others are lined with stores that offer the best deals on tattoos and piercings. The more you decide to explore this area, the more likely you are to get lost, so be sure to build enough time into your schedule to do it justice. That aside, this is possibly one of the best places for street photography in Bangalore.

Characteristic and Hero Image: Courtesy @layers_of_a_vagabond/Instagram


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