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The king’s man bring back the world of Mark Millar Kingsman series for the third film in the franchise and the first prequel. This film takes fans back to 1902 and gives them a glimpse into the early years of the elite spy ring. However, the film was not based on a comic book from the Millar series.

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Once the fans are done watching The king’s man, they might be interested in researching other comics similar to the movie and the franchise itself. Millar has created numerous comics throughout his career that fans should check out, but there are also other books from different creative teams that match the themes of this film.


Kingsman: Secret Service

The cover of Kingsman the Secret Service.

The first book for everything new Kingsman the fan is Kingsman: Secret Service by Millar and Dave Gibbons. The story draws close to the first film in the series, with Special Agent Jack London recruiting his nephew Gary “Eggsy” Unwin into the very brave Kingsmen team.

This series has six issues and fans can collect them as graphic novels. It’s also worth reading for the differences from the movie. In the comics, it’s for MI6 that Jack works and that show and the villain are different from the movie as well; This one is a 23 year old man who wants to kill everyone except the celebrities he admires.

Kingsman: The Red Diamond

A secret agent on the cover of Kingsman The Red Diamond.

While there was a Kingsman called suite The golden circle which had the Kingsman teaming up with American agents in a similar organization, there was also a comic book sequel released in 2017. It was Kingsman: The Red Diamond and worth reading to see a new story for spies.

After Jack’s death, Eggsy works on a new mission to save Prince Phillip and he embarks on an international adventure to stop a criminal who wants to destroy the global financial system. Millar didn’t write this one, having been replaced by Rob Williams and Simon Fraser.

Kingsman: the big exit

The Kingsman at bat on the exit from Brexit.

Finally, for completists who want to read all the Kingsman books, there is also a one-shot titled Kingsman: the big exit. Williams, who wrote The Red Diamond, returns with the artist Ozgur Yildrim with a more topical story.

This story takes place after Brexit and Eggsy is tasked with protecting $ 100 billion in gold bullion from a pro-Brexit group called The Union Jacks. This offer isn’t as good as the other books in the franchise, but it’s a shorter story.

Kick ass

Kick-Ass stands next to Hit-Girl with Weapons in Image Comics.

For those who don’t know, Kingsman creator Millar was also the man who created Kick ass. There are a few different series in this franchise, but Millar and John Romita Jr.’s original is worth reading and is mostly the story of the first film.

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However, for fans who may have liked Hit-Girl in the movies even more than Kick-Ass, she has her own series which came out in 2012 with the young vigilante on a mission.

Wanted to

An assassin with a gun on the cover of Wanted.

Wanted to is another comic book by Mark Millar that was made into a movie. This one is a little more in the sense of Kingsman as some of his other work. The big difference is that the secret service agency of Kingsman has been replaced by a criminal force that rules the world in Wanted to.

Fans who liked James McAvoy in the movie might be surprised when they open the comic and see that Wesley Gibson was made to look like rap star Eminem. Overall, the comic book story is similar to the movie and is a great read for people who enjoy Millar’s works like The king’s man.

Jupiter’s legacy

The utopian walks away angrily in Jupiter's Legacy.

Millar has also done a lot of work in superhero comics. Before really getting into his own designer-owned titles, he wrote books like Marvel’s. Civil war and books from the Ultimate Marvel Comics line. As for his solo work, his best creator-owned superhero book was Jupiter’s legacy.

It’s the same book that Netflix has adapted into a series, although the streaming giant has canceled it. For fans who want to see how things were supposed to end for the Jupiter’s legacy characters, grab those books because the Netflix show was just the tip of the iceberg.

The boys

The anti-heroes from The Boys comics.

A writer similar to Millar is Garth Ennis, and although Millar got to see his best work on the big screen with The king’s man and his predecessors, Ennis found great success on the small screen with an adaptation of his comics, The boys.

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While Millar saw his Jupiter’s legacy the superhero series is dying, Ennis’ deconstruction of the superhero trope is progressing well on Amazon Prime, and there are 72 issues of his comic book series for fans to catch up on.


Superior flight in the middle of a giant battle.

While Millar has a ton of comics that have been turned into movies, he has a lot more than what fans can first experience in print form. The one that fans of The king’s man should really take the opportunity to read is Superior.

An alien monkey gives a 12-year-old with multiple sclerosis the chance to become the fictional superhero he idolizes, Superior. However, after a week of saving people as heroes, the boy learns that the monkey is a demon and he must either sell his soul to retain the powers or return to his old life. It’s an amazing story with a likable character who makes some tough decisions.

Queen & Country

Tara Chance holding a gun in Queen & Country.

For fans of The king’s man who loves the British aspects of history, there is a comic book series they should check out titled Queen & Country. Created by Greg Rucka, the comic began in 2001 and ran for 32 issues.

Queen and Country is about a woman named Tara Chance, a special operations officer for a group called the Minders. contrary to The king’s man, which revolves around disproportionate adventures, Queen & Country is based on a real-life scenario, dealing with the difficulties encountered by the Minders in their missions.


Leo Patterson holding a gun on the cover of Criminal.

Fans of Millar’s work on Kingsman, especially the chained uber-violence, should find a lot to like in the Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips comics, Criminal. There are five volumes in the series with 38 issues in total.

This series has different main characters in each volume, although they are linked by the same city and the same crime which has gone on for generations. This is an award-winning series and one that most fans of The king’s man should get a lot of fun out of it.

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