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The highly anticipated third season of The boys ended with an explosive finale (just ask Soldier Boy and Maeve) in keeping with the gritty, graphic nature of the series, leaving fans full of questions about what to expect next. With Homelander still deadly, a shake-up in The Boys’ power structure, and a looming presidential election that could change everything, there’s a lot to think about.

Nothing about The boys is predictable, which makes it even more fun to speculate on what will happen in the next season. Will season 4 be the season when Butcher finally gets Homelander? What will happen to Ryan now that he’s been hanging out with Homelander full time? One thing is for sure, you will never be bored.


How will Butcher handle Annie being a member of The Boys?

The starlight boys billy the hughie butcher

Butcher has always been very wary of supes, and at one point wouldn’t hesitate to kill Starlight, but now she’s been officially recruited into The Boys, so he’ll have to get used to it. What does this mean for the team dynamic going forward?

Since Hughie is the only one standing up for Butcher and he seems to get along with Annie, it would be up to Butcher to get along with her as well. If it’s not to do Hughie a favor, it’s because of all the help she’s given the boys in exposing Homelander and Vought. There were many times they wouldn’t have survived without her.

What will Homelander do if he finds out Ashley let Maeve go?

Dominique McElligott as Queen Maeve in The Boys

Maeve finally gets what she wants in the finale – a chance that her superhero career is over and her regular civilian life begins with Elena, away from Vought and Homelander. The Boys know that Maeve survived her contact with Soldier Boy, but so do Ashley Barrett and Anika (of the Crime Analysis Department) after seeing surveillance footage of them rescuing her.

Ashley deleted what she saw, meaning either she thought it would be best for the public to think Maeve was dead, or she feared what would happen if Homelander found out where Maeve had been. The real question is, what will Homelnder do if he finds out Ashley let Maeve go?

Will Black Noir be replaced?

The Boys Season 3 Episode 6 Black Noir Homelander

After a compelling story involving animated chipmunks, birds, and other Disney animals, fan-favorite Black Noir has found the courage to help Homelander take on his former teammate Soldier Boy. Unfortunately, after having one of the best character arcs of Season 3, Homelander killed it in a fit of rage.

Given that only a few people knew what he looked like under his mask, will his death even be reported? What if he just had to be replaced? It seems like all that would be needed to make a convincing Black Noir involves silence and knife fighting.

What will happen in the next presidential election?

Claudia Doumit as Vice President Victoria Neuman in The Boys

With Victoria Neuman and Homelander working together behind the scenes, there’s no telling what’s going to happen, but it’s sure to be bloody. Now that Homelander has had Lamar Bishop fired to make room for Neuman as the new running mate, the secretive super has a clear path to the White House with Dakota Bob.

In the original graphic novels by Garth Ennis, much attention is paid to Neuman’s vice presidency as a Vought factory with eyes on the Oval Office. Will the Election Plot, which will definitely happen in Season 4, still stick to this premise? Hopefully fans will be able to see more of his overarching master plan, which has been vague so far.

Who will occupy the four vacant places in the seven?

The Seven (Maeve, Black Noir, The Deep, Starlight, A-Train, Supersonic and Homelander

The Seven haven’t really been seven members at a time for quite some time, but in Season 3 Supersonic earned a coveted spot at the table alongside Homelander, Starlight, Maeve, Black Noir, The Deep, and A- Train. Sadly he was killed by Homelander, so as it stands with Starlight leaving The Seven for The Boys, Maeve being considered dead to the public and in hiding, and Black Noir’s untimely demise there are four posts vacancies in the team.

Which new characters introduced in Season 4 will be recruited to take their place? Homelander seems less and less interested in even having a team since he feels betrayed by them so often. It’s not hard to imagine a much stricter and arduous series of tests and ordeals for all prospective members, led by Homelander himself.

Will A-Train finally turn against Homelander?

Homelander and A-train The Boys

There were a lot of major changes for A-Train this season, culminating in a heart transplant from the superhero he killed. Blue Hawk, a racist supe who only rescued people in predominantly white neighborhoods, and actively assaulted people of color with deadly force. Even though he is able to run again, his own brother called him a murderer. So much has happened to A-Train against his will, will he finally turn against Homelander and Vought?

Annie tried to recruit him to help the boys defeat Homelander, but he double crossed her and told Homelander about the plan. Homelander repaid the favor in the finale by stating that A-Train was never like “family” to him. A-Train can only endure abuse so long until the indignities he suffers are unbearable.

Will Ryan turn into a Mini-Homelander?

Cameron Crovetti as Ryan Butcher in The Boys

After the battle with Soldier Boy, Ryan chose Homelander over Butcher in a turn of events that shocked fans as much as it shocked him. In the end, Ryan (superpowered himself) felt seen and understood by his superhero father, who seemed to hold no ill will towards him after the Season 2 finale.

In the final scene, Ryan watches as Homelander lasers a detractor in front of his fans, and the ghost of a smile plays across his lips. Will Ryan become a mini-Homelander? It stands to reason that living with Homelander instead of Grace or Butcher means he’s going to be heavily influenced by the leader of the Seven, who not only did some incredibly evil things, but hid his brutality less and less from the public.

Will The Deep have to stage another comeback?

The Boys Season 3 The Deep

The Deep made a big comeback in Season 3, with book deals, movies, and a place among The Seven. Unfortunately, after falling out with his wife/manager, she mounted a smear campaign that threatened to destroy his reputation (again). He watched in horror during the finale as she went on talk shows to reveal “the real Deep” to the world.

If news of The Deep’s intimate relationship with some of his aquatic acquaintances gets out, it could shatter his credibility. It will take more than a Lifetime Movie of the Week to undo the damage. Will he get Ashley’s help to spin the cover?

Will Billy really die soon?

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher and Compound V in The Boys

After using so much temp V, Vought’s around-the-clock version of Compound V, Butcher began to suffer fatal side effects. After his confrontation with Soldier Boy, he passed out and woke up to a doctor telling him he only had months to live. Even with the last traces of temp V removed from his body, the damage was done – further treatment would only affect his quality of life and not necessarily extend the time he had left.

Will this new information make Butcher even more reckless than before? And will that mean the Season 4 finale will feature his funeral? No doubt that with this new development, Karl Urban will be able to rely on the emotional intensity he brought to season 3 (especially during the flashbacks induced by Mindstorm) to deliver one of the The boys’ better performance.

What happened to Jamie the irradiated hamster?

Jamie the super powerful hamster in The Boys

When the boys went to Russia to escape Soldier Boy, they encountered a hamster named Jamie who had been another test subject. He saved Frenchie’s life and escaped the lab, but was that really the last time fans would see the fierce little furball?

According to this video from Entertainment Weekly, Eric Kripke is “dying to figure out how to get him back in the story,” so this might not be the last time fans see Jamie the bloodthirsty, super-powered hamster. .

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