10 Best Comic-Inspired Video Games (According To Metacritic)


Anyone who’s ever peeled through the pages of their favorite comic book has wanted to play the role of their beloved heroes and heroines at some point. With the recent success of films like Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and the long awaited Sand seller series slated to premiere on Netflix, it’s clear that the comic book medium is still a popular form of entertainment.

But movies and TV shows aren’t the only places comic book heroes can find new audiences, video games are also one of the most consumed forms of media available. While superpowers aren’t necessary, the comics have inspired a litany of different titles spanning every genre, from RPGs to arcade brawlers. Sometimes all it takes is a digital download to become a comic book hero.


ten X-Men Origins: Wolverine (75)

Wolverine escapes from Weapon X in X-Men Origins Wolverines game

With a new title inspired by the clawed might of the X-Men well on the horizon, it might behoove some gamers to venture back in time to the PS3 and try this underrated movie tie-in. Based on the events seen in X-Men Origins: Wolverinethe game features players as the titular mutant with indestructible claws in a hack-and-slash brawler.

If there’s one character that fits that gender to a T, it’s Wolverine. Whether in the movies or the comics, the biggest thing fans of the character want to see is Logan tearing through an onslaught of enemies without breaking a sweat. It’s not the deepest game out there, but it definitely delivers.

9 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game (79)

Illustration from the video game Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

A movie-based video game based on a series of video game-inspired graphic novels might seem like a mouthful, but Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is one of the best side-scrolling beat-em-ups a gamer can play. In retrospect, the video game adaptation of Brian Lee O’Malley’s comic book series arguably captures the spirit and tone better than the film.

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Using designs, visuals, and motifs more prominent in the source material than in the film, the game beautifully blends comic book and arcade action into a cocktail of retro-inspired goodness. Game fans like River City Ransom Where streets of anger you won’t want to miss this modern classic.

8 Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes (81)

A lego version of Batman with Superman and Robin in the background for the Lego Batman 2 cover art

Lego games are normally a fun time, no matter what pop culture phenomenon they emulate. Although the Dark Knight has already received its Masonic adaptation, the sequel featured more of its friends from the Justice League and other DC properties joining in on the fun.

From collecting studs to overcoming obstacles, the game skips through many common Lego hoops, but it also gives players a chance to explore an open-world Lego version of Gotham City with a variety of characters and missions. . It’s no arkham asylumbut it’s still a good time.

seven Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (82)

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Avengers

Many superhero titles rely on the concept of simple yet effective, and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is no exception. This beat-em-up descending from the PS3 era is a Marvel fan’s dream come true, bringing together some of the best characters the comics have to offer.

In an evil plot concocted by Doctor Doom, all of Marvel’s biggest and baddest villains, from Bullseye to Galactus, come out to reign terror and sow chaos. Fortunately, Nick Fury and his team of Avengers are there to answer the call to battle. With a full roster of playable heroes, comic book addicts won’t be disappointed.

6 Lego Marvel Superheroes (83)

Lego Marvel Superheroes

As if to up the ante on the previously mentioned title, Lego is coming out strong with its version of the Marvel Universe and its collection of 155 characters. Needless to say, the game features an amazing collection of beloved heroes and villains brought together with the whimsical and comedic charm of Lego. But the classic superhero story isn’t the only reason to choose this game.

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Arguably the best part of the game is simply exploring the open world of New York as one of the many heroes available. It’s that Lego-established sense of play that blends so beautifully with the colorful antics of famous superheroes like Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and the Avengers that gives the game such a high score.

5 The wolf among us (83)

Telltale Games was practically infamous for its storied titles, but there really is something to be said for The wolf among us. Inspired by the characters and stories of Fables series of graphic novels, crime-noir shaded fiction and fairy tale beings and creatures is a page-turner in every sense of the word.

Players expecting a charming fairy tale world will be sadly disappointed, as this hard-boiled mystery portrays more adult versions of childhood heroes. If they’re not afraid of a little blood on their knuckles or cigarette ash in their coffee, they’re in for a stylish thriller as Bigby Wolf must solve a seemingly impossible murder.

4 Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (84)

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Game Groot

Eidos-Montreal really understood the mission when they released their video game adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy. In a nice mix of comics and movies, Guardians is at its best with plenty of action, story, and an ’80s soundtrack that Quill would keep on his walkman through the multiverse.

Simply put, it’s everything a Guardians of the Galaxy comic book fan can expect from the characters and more. From the fun and addictive shooter to the dialogue trees to the literal power of friendship represented by the Huddle, this is a cosmic journey with massive replay value.

3 Marvel’s Spider-Man (87)

marvel spider-man web thwip playstation

Spider-Man has always been Marvel’s golden boy, but his claim to video game greatness came with his open-world adventure on the PlayStation. Swinging through New York with all of Spidey’s gadgets and gadgets is one of the closest things fans of the crawler can get in his shoes without a radioactive spider bite. To say it’s a satisfying experience would be an understatement.

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What happens is an overarching plot involving organized crime, new spider-themed technology, and an arrangement of classic villains with a contemporary twist. From mainstays like Scorpion and the Shocker to the deadly forces of Kingpin and Mr. Negative, it’s got more than enough action to satisfy any level of Spider-Man fan.

2 Injustice 2 (89)

As any comic book fan will attest, some of the most successful comic book series feature heroes battling each other. Just look at properties like Captain America: Civil War for more evidence. While some variants of the formula like Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was lukewarm at best, the Injustice games really give fans what they want.

While the first entry is a classic, of course, the sequel brings together more heroes, more devastating combos, and more comic book action than DC fans can shake a stick at. With returning heroes like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman going up against newcomers like Firestorm, Hellboy and Blue Beetle and even villains like Scarecrow, Cheetah and Bane, it’s a battle royale of gods among us.

1 Batman: Arkham City (93)

Although arkham asylum is still considered one of the best superhero games of recent years, Arkham City got bigger and bolder as he took the Asylum fight to the streets of Gotham. With an insidious plot involving Dr. Hugo Strange and a race against time to find a cure for a disease that plagues him and the Joker, Batman definitely has his hands full.

There’s so much to see, explore and discover in this brilliant journey into Paul Dini’s Batman universe just waiting to be experienced. Fighting thugs and chasing Riddler trophies is just the tip of the iceberg for the Caped Crusader.

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